WILD, NATURE left untouched

Without really noticing, I always assumed that roadside verges were grass. However, captivated by the billowing and puffy cow parsley peeping up above the grass, I suddenly realised there was so much more to the ‘grass verge’ than meets the eye.

I looked closer and found ruby red poppies as delicate as tissue paper and buttercups yellow as gold. White daisies with yellow button middles like silver and bronze. Tangled vetches, spikey thistles are purple like amethyst, and delicate spikey cornflowers are blue as sapphires. All these flowers scattered among the emerald crown of the swaying grass-like jewels.

Each of these images was created to immerse you in the beauty of the grass verge. To show how nature can create a beautiful show when grass is left unmown and unmanaged. Photographed using the ICM technique and multiple exposures, I wanted to show the delicate nature of wildflowers but also how they intermingle with the grasses.

CREATIVE portfolio


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