Although a sunny day on the beach is fun, a sunset on the beach is something special. My beach visits are few and far between, which makes it even more special.

I sit and contemplate, watching the gold ball turn pink as it sinks in the sky. The water seems to dance with fire as the last sun’s rays skip across the surface. Then, ever so gently, the harsh orange turns to a pastel palette. The waves sound softer, tinged with a candyfloss pink. The midnight inky blue of the sea starts to blend with the sky.

Playing with my camera, I follow the lines of the landscape, roll and sweep with the motion of the waves and try to bring a feeling of the space, colours and gentle energy of the sea into the images.

Toes dug into the wet sand; I shiver slightly as I realise no more light is in the sky. And with that, I tear myself away from the solitude of the beach, one last look over my shoulder as I climb the dunes.

CREATIVE portfolio


If you see any images you would like to purchase, I have a selection of my work available for purchase as prints or products in my Art Gallery.   Not every image in the albums is available in my Art Gallery, so if you can’t see what you are looking for, please contact me, and I will do my best to help.