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My motto when it comes to mentoring!

I absolutely love working with other photographers on a one-to-one basis and in small groups to encourage them to explore, develop and build their skills, knowledge, photographic style and confidence.

Over the last ten years, I have been mentored by three fantastic individuals. The value of mentoring is clear to me, and I love to offer it to other photographers. To have someone you can bounce ideas off, celebrate success with and ask questions when the results aren’t as you expect is invaluable.  By working with mentors, I was encouraged to attain my aspirations and believe in myself – these had a massive positive effect on the forward development of my photography.  Because I have experienced this, I have a better understanding of the value of mentoring.

Mentoring sessions are completely flexible with regard to the content. You may be aiming for a qualification or struggling to pick up your camera and be looking for a bit of Support.  Maybe you are thinking about starting your own business or looking for critique to enable you to improve your images. You may be looking for ideas and inspiration to start a project or just wanting someone to be accountable to on your photographic journey.  Maybe you just prefer to learn ICM at a time that suits you rather than joining a course.  Absolutely anything goes with 1:1 mentoring sessions.   The sessions can even be recorded if you would like to have the opportunity to rewatch them.

Regardless of your level, experience or reasoning for mentoring, I guarantee a supportive, enjoyable and productive experience.


Charlotte Bellamy

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

I recommend before we start on our mentoring journey together, I offer a no-obligation ‘get to know each other’ chat via Zoom so we can be sure that we both know your aspirations and the direction that the Mentoring Sessions will follow. During this time, I will ask lots of questions to ensure I know all about you, but I encourage you to do the same to me!

Together, we will discuss your aspirations and desires from the mentoring process; no wish is too small or too big as long as you are willing to work for it.  Most of my Mentoring Sessions take place via Zoom and can be scheduled during the day or evenings.

Mentoring Sessions last for one hour.

“I found the mentoring sessions nourishing and supportive of my creative growth.  Charlie mentored me over six sessions spread over 2021-2023.  It was my choice not to work on any specific longer-term project but rather respond flexibly to what arose in my journey as an emerging photographer/artist. The sessions felt like a sort of therapy focused on creative growth. Charlie was flexible and generous with feedback, and we covered a range of areas, from planning a series of photographs through book projects to activities beyond photography, such as speaking and writing about photographs, from technicalities to emotional aspects of photographic expression.

I greatly enjoyed our conversations; I felt supported, heard and inspired. I have matured over time as a photographer and a creative practitioner and have become more confident in my vision. Charlie’s faith and advice have been an important contributing factor.”

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Group Mentoring sessions

In addition to 1:1 Mentoring, Group Mentoring | Critique and Feedback Sessions are also available on specified dates. These are tailored specifically for feedback and critique on a set of five images that you may submit for the session.

There are six places available for each session – you may, of course, book more than one if you wish to have more images critiqued. Around 15 minutes per individual booking is allocated.  A benefit of these group sessions is that you hear the critique on the images of other participants – thus increasing your insight and learning even further.  Images must be submitted via email, or  Send them to a minimum of two days before the session date.

15 minutes per individual booking is allocated

€20 Euros per person

Dates available:  7th November 2023 | 5th December 2023 | 9th January 2024

“I have come away from the mentoring sessions I have had with Charlie with very clear actions to improve my images.  Charlie gives all feedback in a considerate, thoughtful manner, explaining how to improve your images to the next level and beyond.  I am really grateful to her for encouraging and motivating me with her insightful comments.   After applying my learnings from one of my sessions with Charlie, I got two silver awards in the Guild of Photographers Image of the Month competition, my first ever silvers!”  – Maureen.