DANCING grasses

How many ways can I describe grass to you? Something in plain sight every day, yet overlooked for its beauty in preference for its use.

Long stems, straight and proud, hold themselves up against wind and rain. Swaying in the wind, seeds like stars, small fountains and fireworks adorn their ends. Fluffy, soft and delicate. Vibrant green leaves droop with the weight of water droplets in morning dew.

As I run my hand through the seed heads, I am amazed that they barely tickle my palms; I have to actually look town to see if they are, in fact, making any contact at all; they are so soft. The wind ripples through, and the stems and leaves dance. They jiggle, twirl, ripple, bounce, and wave.

They have energy and a determination to move and interact – leaves, stems, and heads. A cursive glance offers a sea of green, which, on closer inspection, offers every green you can imagine. Lime, sage, fir, mint, sap, fern, emerald, moss, forest olive, and so on.

Taking the time to study and photograph a multitude of grasses in various habitats, I am amazed at the diversity. Take a walk through these images and be amazed that something so simple can be so beautiful.

CREATIVE portfolio


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