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Charlotte is passionate about helping others find and follow their photographic aspirations and dreams.  She loves to help individuals develop confidence in their work, whether on a professional level or purely for enjoyment.

Charlotte treats every person she works with as a complete individual, encouraging them to experiment with their creativity and personal expression in photography. Having photographed many genres, Charlotte feels she can support individuals with her experience and technical knowledge in various scenarios.

Her ethos is to encourage and support others to become the best photographers they can be and to enjoy their photographic journey, regardless of the level at which they are working. She wants to encourage creativity, self-expression, confidence and ultimately self-belief in the work they create so they can be proud of what they achieve.

Take a Moment to Look at the Normal;

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Whether you are looking for a Bespoke Personal Experience or the camaraderie of learning with others, I am here to support, guide and encourage you to develop your photographic skills and creativity. In addition to In-Person Workshops and Photographic Tours, there are Online Courses and 1:1 Mentoring opportunities.

Everyone, regardless of photographic skill or camera type, has the right to feel comfortable and enjoy their learning experience. I’d even go as far as to say that it should be fun!!! I want you to develop confidence, skills and creativity. I aim to ensure every learning experience I offer will help you grow your love of photography and self-confidence.

My Group Workshops, Online and In-Person, are always kept to a maximum of six participants. This ensures I can work with every individual on a personal level during our time together, thus ensuring that your personal aims or desires from joining me are realised.  All the training I offer encourages you to explore and experiment. Through practice, playing and becoming inquisitive, your learning experience will be a rewarding step forward in your photographic journey.

Understanding the ‘why’ behind techniques and concepts is as important as the ‘how’, an ethos I carry in all my learning opportunities. I would love for you to join me online or in person. Whether you are looking for the next challenge, wanting to develop a specific skill, exploring a new location, or maybe you need help with where to go with your photography. 

Take a look at the opportunities available; booking is easy, directly through the site. But if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. – Charlotte


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Charlotte is an amazing and very talented teacher.  She explains things in such a way that gives you permission to play and learn so much through this new freedom.  She is an inspirational teacher and her work which she showed us with such generosity opens up our senses to sight, looking more carefully at things and understanding of the need to feel what we see so as to give more depth to our image making.  She succeeded in giving me such an insight into the beauty of the process she teaches of ICM and Multiple images. Thank you Charlie so much.

– Lola



Fantastic introduction to ICM and also helpful to those with some experience as I learned new ideas and techniques. Charlotte explains things very clearly and is very positive when she critiques images. Very helpful to hear the opinions of group members also, and lovely that although only six of us, including Charlotte, we were in five different countries!!

I have never met a Photography Tutor who is so kind and generous with her time and knowledge. Only three sessions, but I learned a lot and gained confidence. Have already booked another course!!



Charlotte’s session are informal, friendly and full of ideas. The critique process is very informative and always handled in a gentle way. Charlotte is brilliant at creating a supportive community among all participants which promotes a perfect learning environment.  Don’t hesitate!



” I initially did a couple of group online courses with Charlie and decided that I would like some individual mentoring sessions as I felt a bit stuck with my photography. Charlie was very generous with her help, comments and time. I appreciated her critique of my images and learned a lot from her. She was always kind and supportive whilst being realistic in helping me set aims and goals. She gave me the confidence to both push the boundaries and especially produce images that I enjoy.”    –  Christine



Charlie, Thanks so much. I came off our call buzzing!

Thanks so much for your motivation, encouragement and your really insightful comments. I totally have a list of very actionable items now to improve my images going forward. THANK YOU. Take care.”  – Maureen

ABOUT charlotte

“Why limit yourself to what your eyes see when you have such an opportunity to extend your vision?”  – Edward Weston

” I am an Artist translating my love of the landscape through FineArt and Abstract Photography.

I take inspiration for my work the minute I look out of my window. The weather and the changes in season offer me ever-changing wonderment. Moving to The Netherlands from England, I was offered an amazing opportunity to explore my new home through the medium of photography. Even after 11 years, I still delight in the opportunity to portray what many consider a ‘flat and boring’ landscape into images that intrigue and question that preconceived notion. I love where I live, surrounded by fields and farms—a little further afield, beautiful national parks and woodlands.

Many of my images are made just a short walk from my home and prove that you need not travel to beautiful and exotic locations to create unique photos, just that you be inspired and intrigued by a location.”  –  Charlotte Bellamy

CREATIVE photography

” I create my images using a combination of Intentional Camera Movement known as ICM and also double exposures.  Some of my images are created in a moment of spontaneity, whilst others are carefully combined to replicate a memory.

I love the ICM technique for the freedom it allows me from focusing purely on the technical aspects of photography. It’s fun to experiment and create something closer to art, stretching the envelope of photography in new directions.  The use of double exposures allows me to explore the feeling further, adding softness, texture, contrast, depth and colour.

A blurry image of trees in a forest.

WOODLAND rainbow

A blurry image of purple and white flowers.

DANCING grasses

Norfolk Sea Shore with waves rolling in against a sunrise


”   Charlie mentored me over six sessions spread over 2021-2023. It was my choice not to work on any specific longer-term project but rather respond flexibly to what arose in my journey as an emerging photographer/artist. The sessions felt like therapy focused on creative growth.

Charlie was flexible and generous with feedback, and we covered a range of areas, from planning a series of photographs through book projects to activities beyond photography, such as speaking and writing about photographs, from technicalities to emotional aspects of photographic expression. I greatly enjoyed our conversations; I felt supported, heard and inspired.

I have matured over time as a photographer and a creative practitioner and become more confident in my vision; Charlie’s faith and advice have been an important contributing factor.”  –  Ania

If you see any images you would like to purchase, I have a selection of my work available for purchase as prints or products in my Art Gallery.  Not every image in the albums is available in my Art Gallery, so if you can’t see what you are looking for, please contact me, and I will do my best to help.